Our Location: Villa L'Abri

We hope for fair Cannes weather, but do not want to stop the party - the Villa's terrace will be covered with a stunning tented structure, including some heaters.


Germany USA / Canada UK

Udo Stöckl
Bodo Dicke 
Frank Löblein
Harald Ziller
Markus Bruckner
Nicolai Baumann
Oliver Herrmann
Roman Negle
Stephan Heinen
Georg Strohmaier
Volker Söhl


Mark Rose
Amy Erixson
Hiren Thakar
John Bralower
John Kevill
Robin White

Jason Sibthorpe
Chris Barrs
Dan Crossley
Duncan Hamilton
Luke Mackenzie
Mark Holliday
Mark Williams
Mike Rooney
Oliver Rowe
Piers Leigh
Tom Bridgman