Welcome to AVANT by Avison Young, our powerful market and data analysis tool

Are you looking for the ideal location that meets all your requirements? Want to know how one location compares to another? Our experienced Market Intelligence team has answers for you.

With AVANT by Avison Young, our market and data analysis tool, we can examine individual locations and analyse an entire area according to your individual requirements. Our visualisation features make even large amounts of data and complex correlations comprehensible at a glance. We adapt to your needs and personalise the analysis accordingly.

Listen to what our client Thomas Kanitz (MD, MyWellness) has to say about how AVANT by Avison Young helped him find the perfect locations for new DaySpas.

Location analysis tailored to your needs

  • 15 minutes driving time is too long for your customers? We optimise the information accordingly.
  • Do your employees attach importance to cycling to work and not travelling more than 30 minutes? We take this into account in our analysis.
  • Are green spaces near your office important to you? We weight the factors precisely according to your preferences.
  • Proximity to specific institutions is a concern for you? We provide suitable analysis categories.

MyWellness Managing Director Thomas Kanitz and Avison Young's Johann Mikhof talk about market and location analyses.

In the video, they tell us

  • what is important when looking for a suitable DaySpa branch,
  • what role the travel time plays for customers and
  • how the data analysis tool AVANT by Avison Young supports the search for a location
  • Here you can find out more about our customer MyWellness

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